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*&^%$#!: Sugar Plum Fairy Fired Over Naughty Words


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Sugar Plum Fairy Fired from Midwest Holiday Festival Over 'Naughty Words' Despite Local Outcry

By Perry Charamonte

Published November 16, 2011



Nov. 29, 2009: Actress Laura Coppinger portrays the Sugar Plum Fairy during St. Charles, Mo.'s annual Christmas festival.

Officials of a small Missouri city are irate after visions of a cursing sugar plum fairy danced in their heads.

Laura Coppinger, 29, of St. Louis was booted from her long-time position as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the annual holiday parade in nearby St. Charles when she dropped some naughty language during a drug test required of all city employees.

Coppinger has been playing the character for the annual Christmas Traditions Festival for the past six years and is immensely popular among event-goers, and her firing has caused uproar in the town of about 66,000.

Coppinger accidentally flushed the toilet during the test, which is normally not allowed because the running water can be used to dilute the sample.

She was told she would have to stay and wait to give another test, making her late for a job interview.

"I don't have to take drug tests too often," she said, "so out of habit I flushed the toilet, and as soon as I did it I was like, oh, no,” Coppinger said to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Out of frustration with myself and frustration with the fact that I was going to have to sit another hour, I cursed," she said.

While she was waiting to take another test, she was told to go home. When she asked why, she was told to contact officials from St. Charles.

Coppinger was told she had broken a code of conduct for the festival, the section titled “Christmas Characters Don’t Know Naughty Words”.

“My objection is that this did not happen while she was on the job,”Jim Brown, owner of Riverside Sweets, a candy shop in downtown St. Charles, told FoxNews.com. “Nobody is perfect, and who hasn’t uttered a dirty word or two?”

“She did a fantastic job. She created a unique way of playing the character, and kids would just flock to her,” he continued.

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I think the officials in St. Charles deserve coal in their stockings for Christmas. Of course they have a 29 year old fairy, what did they expect? They were probably looking for a "have a blessed day" speech. I'm sure some self-righteous SOB decided that people who walk down the street in a parade and play fairies must be drug addicts. Wonder who pays for all these expensive tests? Absurd.

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Let's see...she said, from the sounds of it, one naughty word (probably, "awww, shit"), while in a bathroom, after making a mistake, one that would seriously mess up a day with an important appointment. Oh, and their were no kids around. Or anyone else from the sounds of it except for the people involved in the testing.

Yeah, sounds legit. 'Cause, you know, I've never ever done anything like that. How scandalous.


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She should have asked, "And who was standing at the bathroom door with their ear pressed tightly thereto so they might hear my offending syllable?"

Colin :icon_thumleft:

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