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Republicans block Ambassador because...


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she wrote a letter urging El Savadore to be nice to gay people.


It may be beating people over the head with this...but when 2012 rolls around and it's time to step into the ballot box, these things need to be remembered. It's important to not only defeat the Republican nominee for President, but any of them that do not denounce these types of actions.

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There are moments when I just look at something being said or done by the right and wonder if they really believe what they are saying. Seriously, I mean let's just take a look at the current pack of candidates for President on the Republican side. Who they are, and what they represent is enough to make any gay person with a shred of self-respect puke their guts out. Not one of the Republican candidates on the stage tonight can be identified as anything other than anti-gay. What is even worse are the positions these people hold now, or have held in the past fifteen years.

Newt Gingrich - Former SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES. For years this man was two heartbeats away from the Presidency!

Mitt Romney - Governor of Massachusetts - If you could believe what he said in previous years and what he did as governor he wouldn't be that bad - but his positions change faster than Bill Clinton with a cigar and an intern.

Rick Santorum (google the name - I dare you!) - Former US Senator (for over a decade). This guy is so anti-gay, christian fundamentalist it's not even sane.

Michelle Bachmann - Member, US House of Representatives - Yeah, that's right, the woman who doesn't know US history even when it hits her in the back of the head, whose husband wants to make all of us straight in his therapy center that feeds at the medicare trough is a CURRENT member of congress and regularly re-elected.

Ron Paul - That crazy libertarian-leaning man from Texas is probably the softest in opposition to gay rights of any person on the Republican stage, but he's far from gay-friendly or even gay-affirming. I'm sure he had no problems with businesses putting up signs saying "No Gays Allowed". Certainly his son (a sitting US Senator) has said publicly that HE sees no problem with that approach.

Bottom line, everyone at the top is about as anti-gay as you can get, and they are all very important, key elected officials or former elected officials. When you look at the currently elected leaders, you've got John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor who pushed through a million dollar plus defense of the Defense of Marriage Act to keep legal gay marriages in certain states from being recognized by the federal government. You've got Mitch McConnel doing his best to kill the repeal of DOMA in the Senate and Jim DeMitt (as noted in the above article) making sure any gay-friendly person nominated to a position in the government by the President is blocked.

Our government is being strangled to death, bleeding the death of a thousand small cuts by these idiots who the American people have elected. Unfortunately, we get the government we vote into office. What we need are good, strong candidates dedicated to doing what is best for the country and its citizens, not the self-serving idiots we have now (and yes, I include a few Democrats in that category like Ben Nelson). Sorry for the rant, but sometimes I wonder how so many people live with blinders on as they go into the ballot box.

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I've been disappointed by Barack Obama over the past 3 years, but I gotta say, this is the worst collection of idiots I've ever seen from the opposing party. Just for once, I wish we could have two competent, smart, charismatic people running for President at the same time, and give people a real choice.

But I'd still vote for Obama over any of these goons. What scares me is just how stupid they are on the issues...

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I've been disappointed with Obama at several points during his Presidency, but I have to say he has been the strongest advocate for LGBT rights that we have EVER had in the White House. He may not be as strong as we had hoped, but he has accomplished leaps and bounds more than every President before him. Whether it's here at home where has used executive authority to enable same-sex partner benefits, refused to defend the DOMA, repealed DADT or overseas where he has begun tying foreign aid to the treatment of LGBT people overseas he has done a heck of a lot for our community.

That won't stop us from demanding more, until we have full equality.

Our economy still languishes with very high unemployment rates, but we are not nearly as bad off as we would have been with other leadership. We have seen more job growth during his tenure as President than we saw in 8 years under the last President. Too bad for him (and us) that so many jobs have been lost that we aren't even keeping up with the rate of new workers joining the work force. Over the past three years we've had manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis from a political party that declared from the first day of his tenure that their sole purpose would be to make sure Obama was a one term President. In working towards that goal they've managed to screw over each and every American.

So yeah, Obama hasn't been the Savior reborn, but he's made a pretty damn good President (and that's without even adding in the fact that HE is the one that got OBL).

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The view from outside the shores of the U.S. is that Obama has indeed done more for LGBTQ people than any other President, along with Sec. of State, Hilary Clinton. I should also point out that Australian politics are influenced by what happens in other countries.

Given the bigotry, hatred and general derogatory statements and attitudes coming from the U.S. right wing conservatives, I am amazed that any LGBTQ person would even consider voting for any party other than the Democrats, individual members notwithstanding. Why people vote for representatives who hate us for whom we sleep with is beyond my understanding.

The real problem for the re-election of President Obama, will be in getting the voters out to the polling booths to actually vote.

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Like Des, I'm on the outside looking in, and I think we in 'the rest of the world' may see the US President rather differently than his citizens do. What I see is a decent, moderate, intelligent and thoughtful man, apparently trying not to be beholden to any powerful lobby group and also apparently genuinely trying to do what's best for his country and the world. I feel safer with him in the White House than I did for decades previously. Bushes, both Senior and Junior, made the rest of the world feel insecure, we did not believe the President really understood the questions. Reagan, certainly in his later years, similarly. Clinton was clever, but not wise enough to keep himself under control so ultimately doomed. Obama on the other hand inspires confidence. He won't make every decision the way I would like, but he'll have thought about each one long and hard, and will do his best to guide his juggernaut of a superpower through stormy waters without shipwreck. If anyone can prevent the extremists in the greatest country in the world from rendering it ungovernable, he can.

Perhaps I should apply for a job as PR to the President?

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