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Charles De Lint, SpiritWalk - a free eBook


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One of my favourite fantasy authors is Charles De Lint, a Dutch/Canadian writer and a folk musician, too.

Like a lot of good things it was pure chance I discovered his work. Bored at a railway station I was browsing a small rack (book, not a woman's chest) and found Moonheart. It blew me away - and still does on a regular basis.

Last week I was unpacking a box (we moved in September and it's one of those chores that gets long forgotten) and came across Moonheart. Box forgotten, I flumped in the bean bag and was gone. A while later I went for the sequel: SpiritWalk, but though I looked high a low It wasn't there ... which lead me to the net where I found it was available from Tor in eBook format for free.

Yes, SpiritWalk is Moonheart's sequel, but no, you don't absolutely have to have read Moonheart before you read SpiritWalk - though I almost guarantee that if you haven't you soon will, and probably more of De Lint's novels too.


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Also check out http://www.tor.com/f...es/queering-sff. The introduction to this blog starts:

"To be queer is to be strange, fantastic and outside the normative box. Considering how easily those words apply to speculative fiction, it’s not surprising that some writers of SFF have engaged in a great deal of play with the concepts of gender, identity and sexuality."

Colin :icon_geek:

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