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Tomorrow is the first day of my seniorhood.

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Yeah, a "back to school" topic. I just thought that as I'm going to bed and when I wake up it's going to be back to the daily grind and all that good stuff, I'd make a post here wishing a happy back-to-school for everyone else. For me, it's the last year of this, and I don't think it's come a year too soon. So, here's to a good year for everyone! Have fun all :)

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Congratulations, senior!

Well, you are in for one great ride. If you have college ahead of you, next year or later sometime, that is going to be an even greater ride.

If you're out, you've already accomplished something. If not, well, you'll get there. I'd recommend sooner than later, but that's just me. I just peeked out. That felt good.

I hope you have a fantastic year. Study hard. Yeah, I know, it's distracting to study when you're hard. :) Take care of it in a study break, that oughtta relax ya. Then study plenty.

Do well, be good to yourself and others, and be yourself.

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Tomorrow (in its sense as the second day of school, not date-wise) actually marks the one year anniversary of my coming out to my mum. In a text message. "I'm gay." She was really great about it. My family (the American side at lesat) is all very liberal, so I have no problem at all there.

I will study hard. I mean, plenty.

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Hi Toph... Wow a year "out" and you are starting your senior year. It sounds like a great starting point for a story.

Being out at home with great folks, must be a comfort.

I wonder how "out" you are in a Texas school? It would seem like a scary prospect, knowing most Texans. Our other Texans who hang out here, Josh, Blue & Joey must know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I congratulate and envy you. (ok gang, let's say it in unison) "I wish I was your age again and knew what I know now!"


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It must be difficult, no question, based on teens and teachers and parents I know.

There seems to be a little more tolerance, along with the mild to extreme phobes. Go anywhere, not just a school, and you'll see both prejudice and tolerance. It's difficult to tell, most of the time, if there's much tolerance. But there are groups and policies now that didn't exist when I went to high school and college. There's the web and various media that weren't there.

Advice college-wise: Seek out the Gay Straight Alliance or Gay Student Association or whatever they call it on-campus at college (university). College students are ~slightly~ more tolerant, but not much. I've seen that first hand. So network with friendly people. Same thing for out in the "real world" and work. -- Just the way it is, I doubt I'm saying anything you don't know.

My own experience and what I've seen with friends, then and now, is that there are friendly people who stick up for GLBT or supposedly GLBT folks, as well as people who will say or do little disapproving things or big ugly things. -- Everything from the middle school bully who runs by, says, "faggot!" and slams a kid's face against a locker before anyone can react, to the cashier at the grocery store who looks daggers at the customer for no earthly reason. But there's also the friend who stands up to a bully and the friend who says it's OK whether you're gay or not.

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