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Ship Breaker

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I read a lot of books but almost never discuss them formally because they're mostly all escape literature read for relaxation. But I just read a book that probably deserves comment.

The book is Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi. I would recommend it highly, and especially for this audience as it is fantasy, and I know that genre is well received here. Well, I suppose you can call it fantasy. In most ways, it is a very difficult book to categorize. I imagine if one had to specify a genre for in, fantasy is as close as you can come.

I generally don't care for fantasy at all, but I did read this book and enjoyed it, although 'enjoy' is itself a somewhat odd term for it. Once you start, believe me, you'll read it to the end. I hope some of you will, and will then comment on it. It would be fun to discuss more thoroughly, which I won't do here as I know I hate reading stories where I already know something about them. Suffice it to say, without giving anything away, that this book received high recognition when it was published in 2010.


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