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Against The Odds


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Against The Odds

One step forward,

Two steps back.

It doesn't get,

Any better than that.

With broken hearts,

that refuse to bleed.

We'll make our stand,

on our own two feet.

There's always hope,

and if hope dies last,

we can run for safety,

just not too fast

Cause ahead lies a cliff,

over looking the sea.

With caution we'll make it,

Just follow my lead.

It's one false move,

and your over the ledge,

but I have a sinking feeling,

that we're hanging by a thread.

Cause my broken heart,

is starting to bleed,

and it's getting hard to stand,

on my own two feet.

But there's always hope,

and if hope dies last,

we can make it to safety,

just not too fast.

Cause ahead lies a cliff,

overlooking the sea,

And I refuse to jump,

So long as your with me.

--- Spaz

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