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Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'


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More than half a million Apple computers have been infected with the Flashback Trojan, according to a Russian anti-virus firm.

Its report claims that about 600,000 Macs have installed the malware - potentially allowing them to be hijacked and used as a "botnet".

Java's developer, Oracle, issued a fix to the vulnerability on 14 February, but this did not work on Macintoshes as Apple manages Java updates to its computers.

Apple released its own "security update" on Wednesday - more than eight weeks later. It can be triggered by clicking on the software update icon in the computer's system preferences panel.


or just look here:


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And here I thought Macs were immune to viri and Trojans. Hey, that's what Apple needs, a king-size Trojan to stretch around the Mac so it can't be infected by a Trojan.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Ah, now I know why I prefer using Mac OSX. Got it.

I routinely have to use Linux and Windows in my work, and they just get in the way more than Mac OSX does. To me, OSX just disappears and there's nothing between me and what I'm doing. With Linux and Windows, it's a struggle to force them to do what I want. Oh, I can do it, and I know the commands... it's just more of an effort.

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