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@ Dude -- Feel free to move this thread if you feel it belongs in another category. I wasn't quite sure how best to categorize it.

The Mail Crew at http://www.themailcrew.com/ are a great bunch of guys doing a very worthwhile project, helping GLBT youth like them have ways to keep in touch and providing resources for teens, parents, and anyone who wants to help or has questions. They also have stories.

I've spoken with one or two of the guys, and their answer was pretty quick, concerned and caring, helpful, and positive. Aaron, Trey, and the rest of you guys, you really are amazing.

What they are doing takes guts and commitment and a lot of time and effort. Not many people, teens or otherwise, get involved that way, to make a difference.

I'd better stop before I get all mushy. Oh, what the heck, get mushy. -- Y'all deserve a big hug or a handshake or a pat on the back for being awesome.

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We want to thank Blue and Dude for the nice words about us, and for others from other members in another thread.

We are usually too busy for doing much in forums, but we will visit as often as we can.

Trey, for The Mail Crew

(Aaron, Billy, Chris, David, Eric, Jon, Scot, Todd, Trey)

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