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Thank goodness, I always knew it was real

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Hold on to your hat. If you're a gay man I am sure you have felt a certain understanding when you looked at a man, found him attractive and thought: "Wow, I bet he's gay." It seems you may have been right!


Thank goodness straight people will never understand this.

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Just goes to prove that all men are gay, for at least some part of their lives.

I once heard a bigoted bully announce to a group of his thugites, "Duh, I can tell a gay guy just by looking at him."

I responded with, "Well I guess your gaydar is working okay then."

I exited very quickly. I needn't have bothered, the reports were that he and his band of cretins scratched their heads for hours wondering what I meant.

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The only problem is there are more of them than of us. I once heard a dumbass in a local coffee shop say "I can tell a fag a mile away, they show up like a turd in a punchbowl!" He was joined by almost everyone in the place, nodding their silly heads as they looked around to make sure everyone else saw them agreeing. Sheep!

My cretin-dar works just fine.

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My "gaydar" has never worked that well. Most of the time, I presume "he's straight," but I have no evidence of that one way or the other. Only rarely do I get the vibe, "he's gay," and unless it's pretty dang obvious, I still don't know for sure. Yes, this makes it hard for a guy like me to decide if, or how, to get to know a guy and see if he is or not. This is as true if I've just met someone or if I've known them a while.

Two or three times when I've thought, "maybe he is," well...apparently, not so much, or not that he was admitting. (And dang it, they were nice!)

Yes, I'd really like it if I could tell more accurately.

IMHO, you really have to get to know someone and find out if you can talk to him (or her) before knowing if he or she is gay. But that is just me. Again, yeah, I'd like it if my "gaydar" worked better. So I'm doubtful about gaydar, at least for some of us.

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