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Chance To Dream

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Chance To Dream

by DesDownUnder

Was that a sleep, or a prelude to death?

Whatever consciousness demands our birth,

Finds dizziness that rises with waking,

Foretelling another day of aging.

Sleep has won its battle when weariness,

Recedes reluctantly to recess

In this body, guided only by hope

And dreams to yet entice, life to cope.
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Lovely, Des....no, brilliant.

Most creatures of higher intelligence do dream, and yet I always thought only humans had the ability to look ahead and understand our final demise. But then I had a dog who lived 16 years before life became too much of a struggle. I could see in her eyes that she knew what was coming even though the vet assured me she was not in pain.

But she dreamt every night during those final weeks and I could almost see her reliving those days of her youth when chasing squirrels and rabbits. She was one of the few animals I have ever met who understood English words and reacted to them. I would gladly share some plane of existance with her once again since she was better than some of the humans I have met.

But I digress only to assure you that I would like to go as she did. I can only imagine what that final dream must have been.

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Thank you Chris,

Your description of your dog is beautiful and I can concur that animals do recognise more than most people are willing to admit. Our cat knew his time had come and the look of reluctance to leave us was very evident in his eyes. Some will think we are anthropomorphising, but even if that is the case, it is how we humans share our cognisance with all living creatures.

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There are some that say we are our animals, and our animals are us. Our sheppard and horses are members of our family. Each has a different nature, much as we do. When it is my time to leave this mortal coil, I hope someone has the decency to let me go without any pain. I would do it for them.

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We dream. We're mortal. At some point, we realize we are all mortal and we can lose those we love. We also may realize our dreams or goals may not always last.

But... It's still worth dreaming, striving for something, and life would not be much without either dreams or loved ones or things we want to accomplish. Two songs I really like say, "I hope you dance," and "Do it anyway."

Hmm, and as for what happens when we are too sick or too old, and near those final moments -- I just hope that there are people who care when we go and who still care when we're gone. I would really like to see some of those people and animals I've liked and loved so much, some day.

Until then, gotta remember there's lots to do and people who still need us, and we need them. Maybe even love along the way. Tough to remember those things sometimes, when things get rough, but there's gotta be better, in life or in whatever might be in that next stage.

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