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Russia passes 'Answer to Blinken' gay propaganda law


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Russia's lower house of parliament has unanimously voted to extend its ban on so-called "gay propaganda".

Under the latest version of the law, any promotion of homosexuality - including in books, films and online - is illegal and carries heavy penalties.

It was nicknamed the "Answer to Blinken" law, after the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticised it as a "blow to freedom of expression".

Activists say it is a further attempt to repress Russia's LGBT community.

It was approved by 397 votes to none in the Duma - Russia's lower house - with no abstentions.

The bill still has to pass in the upper house and be signed off by President Vladimir Putin, but this is largely seen as an administrative step.

The original version of the controversial "gay propaganda" law was adopted in 2013, banning "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" - depictions of same sex-relationships - among children.

It categorises any positive depictions of same-sex relationships in mass media or advertising under the same umbrella as distributing pornography, the promotion of violence, or stoking racial, ethnic and religious tensions.

Advertising, books and films with positive presentations of LGBT people will be banned - raising concerns from publishers who have warned that it could affect classics of Russian literature.

Any discussions online about LGBT topics can be blocked and the sale of goods with LGBT slogans or symbols would also be prohibited.


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