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Ice Queen

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Ice Queen

Sure I'm making

more of this than

I ought to

be a good,

selfless self-sacrificing

daughter of

tradition and history.

Honor thy mother

give of yourself

till there's nothing left.

Nurture, nurse, heal,

through whatever means necessary.

A mi shebeirach will never be enough.

Evil of existance and caring.

Why couldn't I have been

ice queen,

escape to Narnia.

Hide my blackness in

the blanket of

fantasy snow.

Where the white

dilutes all evil.

If I was ice queen,

they wouldn't want me at all.


I'm only good for what I can give.

Which is worse?

disgust and distance either way.

But ice queens

live off of hate.

Where it kills me

is my heart.

So don't worry,

you can still have the rest.

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