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Inside Edition: Teen Sex Change

The Pecman

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I was floored by a story on the syndicated American TV tabloid news show Inside Edition, which detailed two teenagers -- a boy, 16, and a girl, 18 -- who each decided to have sex change operations, and through chance met each other and have fallen in love... as transexual sex partners.


One thing that makes this unusual (if not TV-centric) is that both of them are very attractive, and -- to my eyes, anyway -- look 100% natural in their new skins. One can raise questions as to their potential for a sex life later on, but their personalities seem well-adjusted, and they seem like very nice, together kids.

No link for the video (which is far more impressive than the print), but the text story is here:


I usually get a little queasy about the whole transexual thing, but in a situation like this, I have to kind of shrug and say, "eh, if they're happy and have thought this whole thing out, more power to them." The reaction of their family and friends was interesting as well, and I was impressed by how positive, upbeat, and non-judgemental the story was.

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My partner (who is, if it can be believed, even more cynical than I am) said, "gee, it's too bad they couldn't have met prior to their sex change, because they could have used each others'... um... spare parts!"

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