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In other election news....


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Maine appears to have passed Ballot Measure 1:

Should state issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples? (54% reporting and it's 54% Yes)

Washington is on track to pass Ballot Measure 74:

Approve law allowing same-sex couples to marry? (50% reporting and it's 51.8% Yes)

Minnesota is borderline as to Ballot Measure 1:

Amend Constitution to recognize marriage only between one man and one woman? (59% reporting and it's 48.4% Yes and 48.9% No)

While I hope both of the first two pass and the third fail, it's still likely to be a historic result even if we don't get a clean sweep: the first time in the USA that same-sex marriage has been approved by the voting public!

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And Maryland has passed Question 6, which establishes that Maryland’s civil marriage laws allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain a civil marriage license, by 52% to 48%.

--Rigel (proud to be a Marylander tonight!)

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