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Are You Scared Yet by J.J.Janicki

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I have been reading, or maybe that's re-reading, I keep encountering deja vu. He has always been one of my favourite (sorry Mr Webster) authors. His stream of consciousness style creates a feeling of intimacy. The leavening with naughtiness reflects the magic of those years of discovery. Curiously, although JJ assured me it was not a relative, one of the 16yo Boy_seamen who died when HMS Hood was sunk at the beginning of the WW2 battle to sink the Bismarck... was a Janicki.

Are You Scared Yet (awesomedude.org)

So if you have many hours to spend enjoying some of the best coming of age literature do visit JJJ , AYSY has 23 non-trivial chapters.

He was elderly when I chatted ten or more years ago, so I would be keen to hear from anyone who has been in contact with him more recently.



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