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The Boys of Lady Lex


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Hey, has anyone else read this title over on Nifty in the s-f section? it's a collaboration piece, by two guys. Pretty nice work, i think, with some nicely realized characters. A little sexual in places, but i mostly ignored that and enjoyed the plot line and character development. I reccomend checking it out.



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Will have to put it on my to-do list, but other stuff on the list has priority at the moment. -- Still, I'd love to see some good s.f. other than just WBMS' Alone by Myself. I've tried to read some of the s.f. on Nifty, but most of them are just, well, bleh. .hack//escape held my interest for a while, then somehow lost me.

There was another with a good start that never got a second chapter, I'll have to look it up, can't recall the title. It had a character, possibly a soon-to-be shape-shifter or just a lonely, confused, gay boy, who sat on his roof and saw a shape move into the snowy treeline. Seems like the shape was, unknown to the watching boy, a neighbor who was a shape-shifter and gay. :shrugs: 'Bout all I remember from it.

I'd love to see some good s.f. that handles gay characters. ("Handles" gay characters? ::rolls eyes:: Heheh, that one snuck up on me.)

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