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At least she has Boobs

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Now here is a person who doesn't represent the modeling industry very well. Do they all say such incredibly stupid things? Minds like this think that if you drink water you get wet, what a waste...at least she has boobs which I am sure some people enjoy looking at.


Not sure why gay is the first thing that came to her mind, unless someone else was doing the thinking. She should stick to the sex trade. (google her name for images of her simulated sex with a stuffed toy...or not) Chicken feed is more likely to cause abnormal growth in humans, create cancers or cause brain defects...but gay?

Remember the name Natalia Paris...she won't be getting any Nobel Prizes anytime soon.

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The female hormones in chicken will turn you gay thing is not original to her. It's a widespread urban legend in third world countries that import US chicken. the 'buy local' groups push the smear to sink sales of less expensive US chicken.

I note that the lady in question is Colombian, so that means, she's probably been exposed tot he idea at home.

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