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a great gift idea for a wedding

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As some of you know, My Gramps married my best friends mom today at 10:00 am.

I couldn't sleep to good and at 4:45 am I woke up and then woke Gramps up. I reminded him he had about five hours of freedom left and then I kept him updated with the time-line every half hour. He seemed not to be too upset until the 8 am warning when he threw a plate of toast at me! (minus the plate of course)

The wedding was great with just a few friends and our extended family there. I stood up for my Gramps and Kyle stood up for his mom and gave her away. This was way cool.

I made a great impression on my new Granny with my gift. When she first opened it, she was speechless. I had given them a pair of toy handcuffs and a card that read, "Marital aids for the elderly."

I had no idea adults could spit their drink thru their nose like we kids can.

This gift made such a good impression that I thought I'd let all you know about it in case you know any old people getting married.

A word of warning though, don't stand in front of the bride as she opens it if she just took a sip of champagne.

Cheers everyone.


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Congratulations Codey! I wish you and your family happiness and prosperity!


I had no idea adults could spit their drink their nose like we kids can.

Yep, it's possible and it is harder to get over having carbonation up your nose.

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