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Big Brother (FBI) again

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I suppose the taxpayers will be serving the prurient interests of federal agents in the near future. Listen to them whine about how the FBI is "stifled its ability to monitor communications as they are being transmitted." Well duh, don't you have an account? This is laughable only in the sense that most of the content in email is the babbling of folks like me.

Perhaps I will start sprinkling my conversations with buzz words sure to set off alarms in the hallowed halls of domestic spying. Imagine being falsely arrested and the book possibilities that would come from some bit of ignorance like that. Go ahead, ask for permission since we all know they are listening anyways. Gives the ACLU something to work on.

Taliban is one of the words that comes to mind, but there is far worse eminating from the halls of Congress itself. Maybe they will catch a Senator downloading something they find suspicious only to discover that it is all a part of secret business within the Congress. Let's hope it is someone really important who will then find a way to cut off their nuts and feed them to the squirrels on the National Mall.

Nosey buggers I guess who feel that the easiest way to do their jobs is to spy on internet users, disrupt lives and perhaps once in a million years catch a terrorist. Yeah, we all know crooks and terrorists use G-mail to plan their crimes. What dolts.

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