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Tuna Sandwiches by Philip Marks

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"Calculus is the mathematical study of change." An apt definition found on Wiki. Phillip Marks has provided his own definition of human calculus within these vignettes in the series.

The format he has chosen is better than a multi-chapter story because that would tie too many things together that seem better unbound. Barry's life as a series of picture postcards, each a glimpse of a different facet in the development of a child within the structure of his family. The montage of images are very descriptive and emotional.

It occured to me after reading Tuna Sandwiches that Phillip has developed something here which has to be admired. We have a serial story without a plot, or at least none has become apparent by now. How many authors agonize over the plotting of their lengthy stories? Style and content are everything in these vignettes. Well done!

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