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11 Year-Old Fights Anti-Gay Bullying

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Eleven year-old Marcel Neergard, who describes himself as a future musical actor, had written a petition opposing the Tennessee "Don't Say Gay" bill. He is intelligent and well-spoken and an excellent spokesman for his cause.


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A profoundly brave young man. It does seem he had a little help from supportive parents to write these words. It is gratifying to see his parents are behind him in all of this, he's the lucky one because of that.

For all the nonsense that these Christianist politicians have tried to pull over the past several years I have just about written off the whole state of Tennessee. Perhaps instead of a career as a performer this young man ought to run for office...but not yet, he probably ought to wait at least until he is a teenager.

Neergard for Congress, 2016...that has a nice ring to it.

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Success! Marcel's petition worked! Students First has rescinded their award to John Ragan, the homophobic legislator who introduced a "Don't Say Gay" bill in the Tennessee legislature to prevent any discussion of homosexuality in any context in Tennessee schools. Sometimes, a kid CAN make a difference!


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