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I want one of these...now!

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I remember grilled cheese sandwiches as a child, that toasty warm sandwich oozing cheese which was always accompanied by creamy tomato soup. My favorite lunch...so why did I stop eating it?

Cheese is a dairy product and I am not big on dairy anymore unless it is yogurt. But just take a look at the article linked here. If any of you live in New England states perhaps you have eaten there. Are they any good? I may have to dig out the fry pan and find out.


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In my little town here in the back woods we have a local cheese grille NOT affiliated with any franchise or chain. They offer only grilled cheese sandwiches on freshly baked organic breads with a side of popcorn. House specialities include the classic grilled American cheese, or the deluxe version with lettuce, tomato, and sliced onion; the Swiss melt with swiss, avocado, artichoke hearts, Dijon mustard and horseradish; the Southwestern with Montery Jack, sharp cheddar, black bean spread, onion, and tomato; or one with bleu cheese, onions, and figs; another featuring cinnamon cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and sliced apples. These are a few of the choices available.

For drinks there are sodas (seltzer mixed with homemade syrups), ice cream sodas, or freshly squeezed fruit seltzers and egg creams.

Finally, groan, there are usually twelve to twenty flavors of homemade ice cream to top off the meal. Local cardiologists wait outside the door to offer their business cards.

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