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A Candle for Christmas

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My late mother always put a lighted candle in the window at Christmas for those in prison because of their political beliefs, sexual orientation or cultural grouping. Since her death I have not been able to continue the custom but I am now in a position to restart it. At sunset today I will be lighting a candle in my window for all those in prison because of their beliefs or orientation. In particular I will be lighting it for those in Russia who are being imprisoned for their support of gay rights.

If any of you would like to join me in remembering these people please light a candle in your window over the Christmas period.

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A candle in the window is a good beginning, Nigel, I think your mother had a good idea. Perhaps neighbors and friends will ask why and give you the chance to explain.

As humans of good conscience we are always looking for ways to express those inner feelings. Candles in windows will not free prisoners but they focus our thoughts in that direction. In some ways this is why we find people leaving flowers in memorial at various places. The living give tribute to the dead and the lost, not to bring them back but to keep them in our consciousness.

Gestures like this are emotional responses. It does us good to believe that perhaps our wishes and feelings can transcend time and space to reach those in need. The urge to do something, anything, for these poor unfortunate persons is met by these small actions. Mother was right, Nigel, but then you already know that.

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Chris and I liked the idea of a candle in the window. Our mom didn't; she's afraid of fire. So Dad got a four-way flashlight (fluorescent light/flashlight/two different emergency lights. We put in six D-cells and put it in the side window next to the door. Here's a picture I took of it. We think it looks great.


Colin :icon_geek:

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