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Brandon Sanderson - live writing workshop


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I have had the opportunity to meet Brandon in person on several occasions. He's friends with a friend of mine. I can say that he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and brilliant when it comes to the mechanics of writing. A presentation from him will be well worth it.

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Guest Dabeagle

He'd bring up the ethical questions for me, learning from an LDS member that doesn't think I'm equal. I'll pass on he and OSC's advice, there has to be someone else if I want to learn.

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He has changed his viewpoint some over the years. Also, every meeting I've had with him has been over the last year and a half, so even the view in this link is outdated. He didn't treat the gay teenager who approached him any differently than I saw him treat any other human being. Instead he played a game of Magic: The Gathering with the kid and just got to know him. He knew the kid was gay because the kid told him so. He really is a nice guy.


I also think it shows a great deal about his integrity that he included the original article and didn't hide the truth that he had written that original piece. It takes time for some people to evolve, but at least he's actually working on it, unlike OSC.

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