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Arizona plans to enshrine discrimination

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An Arizona politician is out to enshrine the religious beliefs of his constituents to discriminate in the name of God. There is no doubt that this is aimed at gay people, but it would also target others. I for one have been disgusted by Republican politics in Arizona and Texas for many years and this is just another fine reason to give those states back to Mexico.


When politicians spend time on laws such as this instead of the real issues of economy and immigration they are wasting the taxpayer dollars. Of course giving people's religious views the upper hand might backfire and tie up the courts who take a dim view of such laws.

Next up in Arizona: Jesus told me not to pay taxes, it's against my religious beliefs. Good luck with that.

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Does that mean that if I come to Arizona I can burn Christian Fundamentalists in my Wicker Man, I have a fundamental religious belief that this is a sacred duty that benefits the world.

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