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Gabriel by Marten Weber

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

I admit part - a big part - of my interest in this book was the cover photo. Totally my type, I'll take two to go, please? As a book, though, it left me wanting.

The book never really nails down if the main character (MC), Gabriel, is actually an angel or not. It makes constant references to his wings, something that no one else can see apparently, or that only are referred to when he is alone. The book opens centering on Gabriel's life in the Austrian alps and takes a sudden jump to a diplomat in China. There after the novel moves back and forth between the stories and, as it seems, each story is occurring in a different time period. Both stories meander with not a lot happening for big chunks before the final result - which I won't spoil in case you decide to pick this up as it's not expensive - but it does further than whose angelic or not concept that I found more annoying than anything else.

He has at least one other book, based on the adventures of Benedetto Casanova - the younger brother. While it should be steamy - a bodice ripper - I can't bring myself to buy it. Anyone else read it?

But I could frame the cover photo.

Gabriel, by Marten Weber

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Goodness, Dabeagle, the author seems like quite a character and I find that attractive. Don't get fooled by the cover, although it is a delicious rendering.


The book you chose may not be one of his best but I will have to give it a try. Now I am off to read the reviews of his other works before deciding. Thanks for the heads up.

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