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Is GMail down?


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GMail IS down right now. I've checked two Internet monitoring sites and both report significant disruptions to GMail service, though I have been unable to find reports on news sites or any comments from Google. Time 1937 GMT Friday.

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I'm glad I wasn't crazy. One person tweeted "First to tie the GMail outage to Justin Bieber wins a prize."

Another tweeted, "Hello Yahoo!"

Yet another commented on the entire news media being dependent on GMail. Perhaps they should consider a back-up? Would the entire world's economy come crashing down if Google suddenly went down?

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The story seems to be that a "fix" was installed and it caused Gmail to reject sign-ons from most users. Even here in Western Australia everyone seemed to be totally bummed by the lack of Gmail. Knowing the kind of commercial dreck that most of the messages I receive contain, I consider a "Gmail down" problem to be a welcome respite.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Actually, I get almost no spam or unwanted junk on Gmail. I've heard it's the best service for that, and it certainly works for me. I get one or two messages a month that I mark as spam.

Same here. I don't like GMail for a lot of reasons, but their spam filtering is actually very good.

I checked my POP account through my domain name, and I routinely get about 50,000 spams a month that the host routinely filters out. I also have about 100 custom filters that I set up over the years, and that nails the remaining ones that slip through and throws them in the junk box. I still manually sift through it just in case, but it's extremely rare anything important winds up in there.

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