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Basically, and by-passing the satirical vomit scenes, the video points out what I always suspected. Americans spread way too much Vegemite on their toast. Follow the instructions for a light smear and you might find that you like it.

One test that is easy to do, is to ask yourself if you like soy sauce. If you do, then you should be able to accommodate the related Vegemite flavour.

As an aside, my hubby has Vegemite sandwiches everyday that he works. He does like it spread fairly thick, but he has grown accustomed to the taste, over many years.

I on the other hand grew accustomed to the taste of other things no longer able to be advertised in Russia.

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Hey! What's wrong with Vegemite? Isn't that the same as Marmite? When my family visited England a few times I got to love Marmite on cheddar cheese sandwiches. You should also try Branston pickle on cheddar cheese sandwiches. I like jellied eels too. This fits into my apartment-mates often expressed comment that "He'll eat anything." I do of course, eat anything. Unless it's too big... then I only eat the sauce.

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