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Texas Tea Party strikes again

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I know, I know...it's Texas and the GOP, a combination sure to rile people up. This is the convention where state Republicans were asked to check their guns and their brains at the door. And all I can come away with is that I feel sorry for gay kids, or kids even thinking about being gay anywhere in that state. Just wait, the runaway statistics down there will be going up shortly.

The tea party was touted as a grassroots movement that would return our form of government to the people...and that isn't happening. Of course the good news is that we now know the Koch brothers fund most of the tea party initiatives and so it is revealed as a special interest group with deep pockets.

But every now and then we see this kind of crap:


Just when did the Texas GOP decide they would insert such a nonsense plank in the party platform? I suppose none of them are medical doctors otherwise they would have known that the American Psychiatric Association decided long ago that homosexuality is not a disease that can be treated. But these idiots are living in the 1950's and so perhaps they haven't heard.

Reparative therapy is akin to torture and has lasting mental anguish. Perhaps the GOP will fund some former CIA waterboarding experts to work on the issue. Quite frankly we need a federal law to protect children from unwanted state mandated therapy like this. All it takes is a bad parent to send little Johnny or Susie into the arms of an unwanted therapeutic prison. And we wonder why kids kill their parents........

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For the record, the Koch brothers are libertarians and the antithesis of social conservatives; they are economic conservatives worried about the excessive Federal debt buildup and the extent of crony capitalism. Their philosophy is much more akin to Rand Paul than the right-wing religious nuts; for example, they support gay marriage. They also support abortion rights (source: Chicago Tribune).

While some Tea Party movement people are socially conservative, a great number of them are socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

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