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R.I.P. James Garner

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Mr. Garner was a nice man and a real pro. I worked on the last season of Rockford Files for Universal (1979-1980), and I got to watch him shoot a few scenes from a distance. Never met him personally, but I know a half-dozen people who did work with him closely and they said he was a genuinely good guy, low key, no ego, no tantrums. What you saw on TV was pretty much the guy.

I think his last major film, the 1994 feature version of Maverick (with Mel Gibson), is an extremely underrated film -- very funny, full of surprises, and a very interesting, thoughtful film. Anybody reading Shattering Fate -- I know, I know, very late in getting updated -- will find out shortly I'm stealing a few choice bits from that movie. Hey, it's written by William Goldman, so at least I'm stealing from the best... :laugh:

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