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The Greek Secret


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Perhaps you have already seen or heard about this 14 minute video called The Greek Secret, but I just had to post it here. I wasn't expecting the core values of Philotimo to be so openly discussed, but its heritage and legacy is proudly conveyed by the video.

I guess it was hoping for too much to expect that ancient culture would be revealed where Philotimo was both the heroic inspiration and the lesson that the Greeks used in the transmitting and nurturing of the wholesome love between the generations. Nothing else could explain the golden years of Greek civilisation but the love and respect of truth that must exist between lovers of beauty and life. Allowing that love to flourish must always be our goal. Please watch the video.

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Jeff, I agree, but I've long realised that sometimes what we share with each other, whether it is our stories or our discoveries, can overwhelm people leaving them speechless.

It's a little like the movie Spartacus, it can take time to realise the significance of the sacrifice 6,000 slaves made when they all proclaimed,

"I am Spartacus!"

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