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What's New in Codey's World 12/06

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A Time When It All Went Wrong ~ Chapter 28 of A Novel by Colin Kelly. They say everyone has a double, a doppelganger, someone who's their mirror image. What if you just met your double? What if you were a thirteen-year-old kid who's gay and you just met your double?

Lesson Plans ~ Part 4 of a Novella in Four Parts and Fourteen Chapters by Cole Parker 13-year-old Neil Swenson has lived a life of restriction, sadness and denial. Now, he's moved to Mississippi and is hoping things change.

Nonsense ~ A Flash Fiction Story by Lugnutz. The setting is the garage, where else? Jake and Jeremy are throwing ideas around so they can get the car ready for the next season. They are sitting looking at the car pondering what the next move will be. Jake opens his laptop, pushes a few buttons then things go into the Twilight zone.

Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time.
The Un-Christmas ~ A Short Story by Altimexis. Two boys, a Jew and a Muslim, face tragedy together and learn to find faith in their own religions as the world around them celebrates Christmas.

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