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Request for Help With a French Story

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I am outlining a high school romance set in Paris in May 1968 between an American foreign exchange student and a French boy and I would like someone to help me with certain details so I don't make a fool of myself (as I am wont to do). In one of my Canterbury stories, written in 2002-- pre- Awesome Dude-- I included an English boy and received numerous emails from British readers who told me how off his speaking style and grammar were. I want to avoid similar mistakes with my French characters. Would anyone like to volunteer? Also I would like someone to translate just a little bit of dialogue into French, not proper schoolboy French, but the idiomatic and actual French a fifteen year-old in The Latin Quarter whose parents are French Intellectuals would speak. Also this is 1968.

Two questions right now, however. Was the French system of education-- primary followed by secondary consisting of "college" and then Lycee before moving on to High Ed-- the same in 1968? I've read extensively about French schools but I don't know if there was a different organization forty-seven years ago.

Second-- what would have been the uniform of a male French student in seconde in 1968?

And anyone who might have lived through the momentous events of May 68 in Paris who has personal recollections, I would appreciate reading them! I want this to be as honest and realistic as possible.

My email address is---- freethinker1957@gmail.com

Thank you.

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