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Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January

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The 27th of January in International Holocaust Memorial Day and Holocaust Memorial Day in many countries. The United Nations Statement of Commitment refers to genocide, antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination. The early drafts of the statement apparently referred to homophobia, but this was removed and is said to be covered by discrimination. Homosexual men and women were sent to the camps, they were deliberately given the most deadly work to do, like mixing and loading rocket fuel. They were subjected to torture and to murder, often in the most inhuman manner. One survivor tell of seeing his boyfriend (an eighteen year old) being driven naked with whips into the parade ground, where his hands were tied behind him and a bucket placed on his head. Then the guard dogs were set upon him. This was not an unusual event.

Unfortunately many people, including members of the LGBT community, are not aware that the holocaust applied to member of that community. They think the holocaust was only about to Jews. It was not, there were many other groups included, along with the homosexuals there were the Sinti, the Roma, Jehovah Witnesses, other religious dissenters, the physically and mentally disabled and many others, such as an estimated three million Ukrainians. It is estimated that some six million Jews died in the holocaust, it is also estimated that another eleven million from other groups died.

Let us remember the suffering of the Jew under the Holocaust but let us also remember the suffering of the others who died as part of it. Also let us remember the survivors, especially those gay men who were sent to the camps and survived. Unlike the other groups who were released and went back to their lives many of the gay men found themselves thrown into prison when they returned home from the camps as it was deemed they had been found guilty of a criminal offense, homosexuality, and had to serve their sentence. This happened to a friend of mine who died a few weeks ago, one day I hope to tell his story.

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A shameful period in history. In addition to Jews and Homosexuals, the Romany people and other groups were also victimised. While most folk know of the Jewish holocaust, the other victimised groups get little recognition. The continued imprisonment of Homosexuals after the camps is another story,

While it's naughty blowing ones own trumpet elsewhere, my first completed story lightly covers this issue (I won't give a link but you don't need to look very hard to find it). But, Mike, if you want to publish themed stories on that date, I'd be happy to let you have it.

Added, I know the first post (which I should have read more carefully) covers the issues in paragraph one, it does however sum things up.

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