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I spend at least one day a week at the local library roaming the stacks. It serves me well to feel like I am in company with those who have the fortitude to pursue a literary career and all the hours it takes to get published.

Reading books for inspiration in many ways validates the ideas I have for a story plot. The best part about all this reading is that I have not found a story that mirrors my own, and yet I know that deep down these various books provide me with the impetus to write what I do.

I am addicted to mysteries because untangling the plot before the writer tells us his conclusion is such a thrill. This past week I discovered Paul Sussman...and just as his career comes to a close, he died in 2012. But here is his website if you want his creds and they are quite remarkable: http://paul-sussman.com/

There is nothing unfortunate about having pulled the fourth of his books off the shelf. It seems they are all independent of one another and this is a whopper of a tale. Titled The Labyrinth of Osiris, it takes place in Egypt and Israel. The story of two policemen, one in Luxor, Egypt, and the other in Israel, who become engaged in discovering the various facets of a single murder.

I was amused to discover there is a gay character involved portrayed as a young rookie Israeli detective with more brains than most in the squad room. The characters are well described, the scenery as well. I now feel like I know a lot more about the cities in Israel and Egypt as Sussman paints them very well, and how starkly contrasted they are.

Sussman's wife published his final novel last year in tribute so I will have to go find it and the rest of his books. Well worth the read even at 500 plus pages, but you will need to keep your thinking cap on.

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Thanks Chris for reminding me of Paul Sussman, I read a couple of his books years ago and intended to read more but forgot the name, your posting just clicked with me now I am going to the library to find if they have any in.

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