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Mikey and the Chicadee


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You're are right. The author has an easy and intelligent writing style. An accountant and a software coder meeting in some anonymous city. They are commuters and it is one of those chance meetings that can sometimes result in love.

This bears little resemblance to my own ignominious and clandestine encounters but the fact that this story continues to hold my interest says a lot.

Only to part 5 so I'll reserve further comment.

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Hi all, I know I've been pretty quiet on the forum. Working on a second story which I hope to begin posting here in the next month or two. Just wanted to let you all know that Mikey and the Chickadee is now available in print on Amazon. Here is the link:


If any of you read and enjoyed the story, the print version is very similar, and I would so appreciate it if you took the time to write me a quick review on Amazon. Also, if any of you have an account at Goodreads, feel free to add me as a friend over there (Kid Boise), rate the book, etc. Hope you all are well!

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