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Federer Gets an Ooops!

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At a BNP Paribas tournement in New York, Roger Federer, maybe the best tennis player ever (though I still daydream about Rafael Nadal), was upstaged by a kid from the stands when Grigor Dimitrov let him face the giant of tennis. Here's what happened:

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I thought he looked like he was loving every second of it. Remember, playing tennis requires focus and concentration, especially when you're a kid and you're playing against a professional. Then when he saw where his winning volley landed, he definitely looked like he was enjoying himself.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Colin: Oops. I didn't make myself clear at all, and there was no way you could know what I was talking about!

There were several other short videos available at the end of the highlighted one. I watched the one showing Murray, Federer and Clijsters and some kid who wasn't identified trying to hit placards with forehand and backhand volleys to earn money for charity. That was the kid I meant. He looked very nervous and like it was all too much pressure for him.

I agree: the kid in the first video was loving it!

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