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The Gay Amish Romance Trilogy by Keira Andrews

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With a lot of time waiting about hospitals and needing something to read I got the first of this trilogy from a special offer on BookBup (which if you are not using it and have an e-reader is good source of discounted e-books). The first book 'A Forbidden Rumspringa' grabbed me and kept me reading. I must admit I found some of the sex scenes a bit too overwritten for my liking but on the whole I thought it was a very good read. I was interested in the characters and the development of the issues between them. So much so that I went on and paid full price to get the next book in the trilogy, 'A Clean Break'.

Whilst the first book 'A Forbidden Rumspringa' deals with how to young Amish men deal with the conflict between their own sexuality and the rules of their faith, the second book deals with how they adapt to life outside of the Amish community and the pressures that result from going out into the world. It particular it looks on how those difficulties impact upon the relationship between the protagonists. It also considers the Amish view of things and why the Amish take actions which those outside consider incomprehensible but from the Amish perspective makes very good sense.

The final book in the trilogy, 'A Way Home' takes the story forward into a dramatic conclusion when we get the conflict between belief and necessity and an understanding of how one must live ones own life in a way that suits you.

Too many books and stories I have read about the Amish and gays have taken a very negative attitude to the Amish and their ways. This does not. Keira Andrews writes about the community and sees the good aspects that arise out of their way of life and belief but also sees the conflicts and stresses that these must and do cause.

Be warned, if you start reading the first book (which is still available discounted on Amazon I believe) you will almost certainly end up buying the other two in the trilogy.

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A good and fair review. Once begun, it is hard to stop reading it. I agree that the sex scenes are overdone, but they can be skipped. [sex is sexier, it seems to me, if it sparse, hinted at or alluded to, and less mechanical. That's my advice to authors.]

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