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This will make you feel old....

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I saw Hanson perform at Mayfest, an arts festival in Tulsa, before they were discovered at SXSW in Austin. It's a shame they became typecast as bubblegum because of MMMbop. They have worked with a number of greats, including Carol King and Leon Russel. I once heard them perform with Leon. They are incredibly talented and if people could get past the MMMbop thing, they'd find they produce great music. They also do an amazing amount of charitable work for Africa. They are good guys.

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Yes, I saw Hanson live on stage after I snuck in the Greensboro Civic Center with a union friend. It would be a lie to say that I enjoyed the sound of their music when all you could hear were a thousand screaming girls, but it was fun. No doubt they are talented musicians and I occasionally catch up on what they are doing.

Even back in the early years there was something about these boys that told me they were serious, I knew they would last, and they have. However, I think I will skip the beer :)

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