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Politics in America...

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As if we don't have enough lunacy in our politics (think Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann) now we have this guy:


Grant you he wants to be a politico in Florida, a place well know for crazy people who want to burn Qurans and homosexuals, although that was called off because they couldn't decide which was more important and there was a statewide burn ban due to dry weather. I imagine every state has a few cuckoos hanging around and no one takes them seriously.

I would just like to know why this man thinks his credentials are made for politics instead of the lunatic asylum? He's a fine example of what to avoid when you face that next voting ballot. Remember that name...like you could ever forget it. Augustus Sol Invictus a man heading nowhere in the civilized world who gives pagans a bad name.

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There's a technical term for guys like this. It's douche. Or douchebag.

Of course, asswipe fits too... and maybe some vulgar terms as well.

Some used to say, "Only in Texas!" Seems like Florida is trying to abscond with that saying. I think we oughta let 'em share it.

Colin :icon_geek:

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