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Anyone recognize this story?

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A reader of mine asked if I could name this story for him. I don't recognize it. Can any of you? Here's the description he sent me:

In the story I'm looking for a kid ends up playing a female role in the local high school production of, I think, Oklahoma. The kid is fairly young and horrified at the idea of dressing up in female clothing and acting a girl in front of all his peers. It plays out well but somehow the kid gets roped in to being feminized as in forced to continue the dress-up deal through all the problems a situation like that gives rise to. At the end he returns to his male persona but with a greater appreciation of what girls think, and how they act, from their point of view. I don't recall any sex in the story whatsoever but the way the kid's personality was laid out made a good impression on me.


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Sorry no joy! I'd have remembered that plot line and I've rambled fairly far and wide across the web in this genre. For amusement I scrolled leisurely through the 39 pages of recommendations on the now moribund 'QueersChOOL' site and drew a blank. (BTW - guess which story was QS' very first recomendation back on 18 Feb 2010? Good choice! But sadly the link now 404s. See for yourself@ http://queerschool.com/?page=39 and don't forget to scroll to bottom of the page!) QueersChOOL's accompanying pictures may not be to my particular taste, although admittedly some of the shots are good 'art' and there's nothing to frighten the horses, but it is a great collection of story recommendations and I'd love to see that site or a similar recommedation service still running today. Any volunteers?

I also tried another useful search method which I saw suggested on a GA forum years ago. So I duly ran the search criteria site:nifty.org "Oklahoma" in Google - sadly no joy but what an amazing collection of c*** it turned up! Nifty really is all things to all men, women, boys, girls, inbetweens, slaves, animals, aliens, whatever. I suppose we should be grateful for our freedoms and no doubt we all have our pecadillos but obviously some people's pecadillos are somewhat further out on the taste, decency and weirdness spectrum than my own. Pehaps I'm just boring or lacking in imagination?

Obviously you can utilise the same search methodology on any site crawled by Google e.g. searching GA for 'Oklahoma' would be site:gayauthors.org "Oklahoma" which did bring up that Dabeagle's story 'Su Cuy'gar!' does involve the play Oklahoma but not the female lead plot vehicle. (BTW - You can use CTRL + F in most browsers to search a webpage - e.g. finding 'Oklahoma' in long one page Su Cuy'gar! story.)

Perhaps Cole's reader mis-remembered exactly which musical it was? A wild goose chase or maybe a Duck Duck Goose chase?

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