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The huge grey owl was perched easily on the patio table and regarded the teenager with great yellow eyes.

Hi. I'm Cameron. I'm a familiar.

The teen stared as he heard this greeting without ears, in his mind.

Do you even know what a familiar is? If you know anything about witchcraft and familiars, you might have thought of Pyewacket from Bell, Book, and Candle, or maybe Wizard Justyn's tatterdemalion black cat from Owlflight....

And of course, familiars can move in a variety of ways that aren't strictly commonplace....Prince Rupert's dog Boye, was a ferocious familiar; they were scared of him because he fought so bravely alongside Prince Rupert in many battles. They tried to shoot him with a silver bullet, but their aim was off. No surprise there, nothing but a great lot of ill bred revolutionaries and stumble bum republicans they were....

I think you understand that something eldritch is taking place here; and I also think that you're beginning to relax just a little, so I'm going to let you have more freedom of movement; but believe me when I tell you that you have to listen to what I'm about to tell you, and as I suspect you now know, you will listen. Why don't you go into the kitchen and get us some cold drinks. I'd like a root beer in a nice bowl, if you please....

[This story is just beginning, I've two chapters so far. I would love to have an editor if this strikes anyone's fancy.]

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Reading your upfront bio,

I have been to the Channel Islands, Anacapa and Santa Cruz, a long time ago. I loved free diving in the Pacific. Just a mask, snorkel and a weight belt to give you zero gravity. I loved the kelp forests and the invertebrate sea life.

2 good books, Cannery Row by John Steinbeck and also the "The Log from the Sea of Cortes"

If you have taken this journey, you should read this book.

When I was in school my Bible was "Between Pacific Tides" It was about pacific invertebrates. I didn't know it at the time and it is still in print but it was written by Doc Ricketts, Steinbeck's close friend from the 2 books mentioned above.

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Keep writing, a title will emerge on its own.

Character names are just as important. They should easy to connect to the character. Easy to pronounce and remember.

I am embarrassed to admit that I have used the baby name book.

Made up names should fit the character and..feel right.

If you change your mind, a lot of word processors allow you the change a character's name through out the entire text with a click..

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The working title is now: 'An Owl on my Sceptre'.

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I'd be happy to forward you a chapter if you'd like to look at it. I just started on the 4th.

This is story is meant to be whimsical and humorous. No epic Manichean struggle, just some palace intrigue and a battle or two for Colin and GSM Aberhonddu.

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