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Whereabouts of Chrysoprase?


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I've been following a wonderful writer over on Gay Authors named Chrysoprase, but suddenly all of his listed stories have disappeared from that site. Can anybody fill me in on what may have happened to him/them? Or where the stories may have been relocated?

Much thanks

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Hello, all ...

I'm just now seeing this post; many apologies for a very belated response.

I haven't had an account with GA for quite some time; a difference of opinion on certain matters came between us. I do have some stories over on IOMFATS under the "Joe Casey" author name, if anyone is interested.

I do have many of those stories that were once posted to GA; I can post them here for those who still wish to read them.

Now I'm just trying to figure out the Wattpad reference; to the best of my knowledge, I never posted any of my work there.  Which leaves the questions - who did?

Many thanks -


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