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In the Middle of Somewhere & Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish

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I read the first of these books, 'In the Middle of Somewhere', some time ago. It was a good read and one I enjoyed. However, it was not something I would have gone out and recommended. There was just something that seemed unfinished about the book, too many loose ends and too many unanswered questions. Then a couple of weeks ago a friend recommended 'Out of Nowhere'. The second book of the series. When I read it, it all made sense.

​Roan Parrish successfully examines the impact of a dysfunctional family not by examining the family but by exploring the relationships that the children have and how it has shaped them. The first book is about the gay younger son who feels excluded from the family and how he finds a relationship where he did not expect to. The second, well I can't say much about that as it would spoil the first book. What I can say if you have read the first the second is well worth reading.

The books are available on Kindle:


if you subscribe to Bookpub the first book in the series comes up from time to time on special offer.

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