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  1. Announcing the return to Sanibel Island on Florida's Gulf Coast. All the favorites are back Clay, Ivan & their son Dylan, who is growing up. The third novel Rick Beck's "The Gulf Series" starts Wednesday, May 16th!
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    OMG.... SO good! 😁
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    Irish Prostitute

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    The new version of the AwesomeDude Forums theme arrived overnight. When we upgraded to the latest version forum software on Thursday we briefly lost use of the site. It is currently in the IPS default theme. Following the AD Site update for 4-21 I'll begin working ib the new AD Forums Theme and the new Forums Theme will go live as soon as all the bugs are worked out. We apologize for thia brief inconvenience but believe the Forums and Forums Theme updates will enhance your AD Forums experience long term.
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    I've just about decided to stay with this theme as it is clearly popular. We will stay with the 'Hallowe'en Theme' black and orange in our logos on both the Forums and the AD Site, however. Mike
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    Obituary - Barbara Bush

    Hmmm ... I wouldn't be too critical of "Auntie." She'll be turning 96 herself later this year! Mike
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    Finally got one of the themes working about half past midnight. I have another theme I may set up with the Orange/Black Motif. Although I do kind of like this one.
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    FYI it appears many other site operators were blind-sided by this same problem. I guess misery loves company!
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    AD Forum Woes!

    If you are reading this in the ugly default forum theme, you will know something is wrong. Once, every month or two, the admins of sites get a notice to upgrade to the latest version of the Invision Power Board forum software. I got such a notice this afternoon and followed the usual procedure. However, when the upgrade to version 4.3.0 was completed the AD Community Forums had disappeared. IPS blames IPSFocus - our third party theme provider. IPSFocus says the updated theme will be available later today. If we're lucky... that is IF... we might have the theme updated overnight. IPS reset our site to the default (ugly) theme. Running the AD Site and the AD Forums is not easy and I'm only one person... so your patience would be greatly appreciated. Mike
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    AD Forum Woes!

    Yes, the update requires a theme update as well. Nobody spelled that out. Try resetting your users interface theme to IPS default and march onward to get a theme update. Mike
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    Cats and Music

    That is sooooooooooooooooo true!
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    Bus accident - tragedy for Canadian Junior Hockey Team

    I heard the story on NPR this morning and it brought a tear to my eye... thinking of the dead, the injured, the families and the community. While I'm moved to say a prayer for all of them... I wonder to whom -if anyone- I should address it.
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    I agree. Guarded is a spellbinder. With a busy story site to run, I seldom run off to other sites to read stories, but this one kept me checking daily for new chapters at Nifty. I've written to Wayne inviting him to join the cadre of top authors here at AwesomeDude but am still awaiting a positive response. If you think the story and other stories by this author belong at AD, I would'nt discourage your writing him and saying so. Mike
  15. Thanks to Cole for this extraordinary video! http://awesomedude.com/cat.mp4 Note: If this video doesn't open automatically, try selecting cat.mp4 in the multiple choices menu.
  16. After having posted on a once-weekly (Saturday) schedule from January 1st of this year, AwesomeDude will return to twice-weekly posting (Wednesdays & Saturdays) from April 2018. Although we still have lots of catching up to do -updating AD Author Pages and other 'housekeeping duties'- we've worked out a new schedule to try to catch up most of these by mid-year. This will give AD Authors and Readers more flexibility in posting and reading stories here at AD. Mike
  17. Har de har har!
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    Now and Then

    A star is born!
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    Hava Nagila Boys

    Well, certainly not your traditional hora!
  20. Although we currently update the AwesomeDude site every Saturday, since Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year we'll have a special posting on February 14th. Included will be stories from such popular AwesomeDude Authors as Altimexis, Cole Parker, Cynus, Merkin, Pedro and William King. Don't miss this special Valentine's Day posting on , Wednesday February 14, 2018! Mike
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    Breaking the rules

    Holy Cow! That was great! I'd never seen that one before.