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No Sex



I just finished replying to an email from a reader about Option To Live. I'm really flattered about the way he described the story because it was just the way I would describe it. Anyway, I told him I was thinking of dancing and jumping for joy. Not because of his description (of my story) but because he was the first one to have sent me an email from Nifty. I should have known it wouldn't have been a hit when they (Nifty) told me they posted the story under the No Sex section. Haha. It was more than a month ago when I posted that story. If it had been a paper lying in wait for a reader, it would have accumulated enough dust to grow a forest. The guy said he only clicked on the No Sex link by accident.

I have totally forgotten that I posted that story at Nifty until today, when that guy emailed me. Anyway, that's all.

Oh, yeah, and world peace!


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Congratulation. I have to go one step further though. Whoever that was, he may have accidentally clicked on that category, but he DELIBERATELY clicked on your story, and he READ IT, based on what he instantly liked about it. :biggrin:

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Hmmmm...*looks up at the title**looks back at the text*So, ummm, this wasn't what I expected. It's great that someone liked your story, congrats. But, I was looking...hoping...I mean, look at the blog title. I was looking for a more indecent blog entry. You could have slipped just a bit more of tongue in this entry. :biggrin: Jason R.PS: Still wanting to feel alive? :biggrin:

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Thanks Trab, Des... I don't know what else to say except, well, thanks.Jason, I know the title of the blog contains sex, but it also contains no. Haha. Maybe next time, though. Room no. 5, right?

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I think, with only slight effort, I could be the appetizer, the main course, and maybe even a delicious dessert. Hell, I can even provide the whine, er, wine.

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