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Lazy Arse Forum Members, Title Copyright by WBMS :D



Yeah, I realize The Raccoon just might sue me for using that title without his permission. We all know how much he takes pleasure on shitting in our shoes. On us. But what if he wants to punish someone? Ever wonder what he would do? I haven't, and I don't wanna.

But that isn't what I'm going to be talking about.

There must be something in the air these days. I've been feeling lethargic since school started, maybe even before that. I didn't and don't want to do anything. I mostly go to class, go back home, eat, check my email, and sleep, which I have been doing a lot of. I think I'm even overdoing it, or oversleeping, whatever the correct term is. It seems all I wanted these days is to be in bed. Not that that's a bad thing, just unusual. I was never like that. I used to sleep for five hours a day before. I think I'm doing ten these days and that's not counting the afternoon naps. I've really been lazy these days.

We have a pet cat at home. It's a half-persian, half-stray-cat. It looks mostly like a stray cat, but it really is a persian at heart. All it ever does is sleep, and then wake up to eat. Then back to sleep again. What a lazy cat. It's friendly to mice too. I notice it likes rubbing itself against my leg.

The cat must have rubbed off on me.


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Hey Rad, you have more balls than me. I don't think I would bring the wrath of that crazy raccoon on me. :icon6: Though I'm glad someone has stepped up to put him in his place. :spank: Very funny though. :lol: Jason R.

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Jason, in compliance to symmetry, I only have two balls to the naked eye. But it multiplies when needed.Your Raccoonship, I sure am glad to know you bow before my pet. The cat, I mean. :DCamy, try the Garfield costume. Hehe. Let's see if Raccoon bows to that.

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Ummm, excuse me, don't want to hijack this blog but....I'm going to.Des, WTF man. You wouldn't play doctor with me a few days ago, but now you're all about playing along with Rad, WIbby, and Camy. :spank: And I even threw in a pun for you, and yes, that mistake was intentional. "patiently"I know Rad is younger, cuter, smarter, faster, I know, you have the technology to build him better. But damn it, I've still got a few games of licking left in me...err...with me...whatever, you know what I mean. I just can't believe you'd throw me over for a younger model. :icon6::lol: Slips of the tongueWhat kind of name for a blog is that?Slips of the TongueI'd like to give him some tongueI mean...damn it RadJason R. :lol:

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Rad, excessive sleeping CAN be a sign of depression. Think about it. Is your life hell? Has it gone down the toilet lately? Do you want to come out to your friends, but you are terrified to do so, but feel the need anyway?Cats KNOW when we are hurting, and provide huge barrels of affections that they would otherwise deign to bestow.

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Jason, I don't know whether to laugh or get mad. You're really sweet, you know that? Hehe. I take all of that as a compliment. I do like getting tongued as much as you like giving it. And for the record, I'm not into role playing.-----Trab, I am terrified to come out to my friends, but I don't think I feel the need to do that. As for life in general, I do wish it would get better. But I'm still young and I hope I could still change some things.

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I was hoping you would take that comment as a joke, here at Awesome Dude we like to kid those we like. I think you're going to fit in around here just fine. :lol: Jason R.On a serious note, don't worry about coming out until you're ready. Or do like I did, just get caught by your father blowing your best friend in the living room one night after church. Think about it, I never had to worry about coming out. I kind of kicked the closet door down. :spank:

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Ahh Jason, You naughty boy, hijacking a post just to tell me off for not playing Doctors with you.The thing is these days, I'm a geriatric specialist and I don't know if you could cope with some the things we have to do. I think you might be happier being with RADsteven though, that is if he will talk to you after hijacking his post.He might want to spank you for that. :lol: Stop smiling Jason, he won't spank you if you are going to enjoy it.(Let me make it up to you Jason, the orgy is in room 5.) :spank: Bring Rad with you. :icon6:

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"(Let me make it up to you Jason, the orgy is in room 5.)"Just past the ICU nurse's station, and on the right.
ROFLToo funny Trab (too near the truth perhaps?) :lol:
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Well, if no one else in interested, I sure am. Jason, what happened? Don't just write that and walk away from it! So you're having a very good time indeed with your friend in the living room (probably not the best choice of rooms, but it was probably just a passion of the moment kind of thing?) and in walks your father. He sees you, gasps, and. . . .I'm waiting for the rest of the story.Cole

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