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Stuff has happened, as stuff often does.



First, I've got running water. That may not sound like much, but I've been without running water for the last week. No toilets, no sinks, no showers. It smelled like a locker room, since nobody could bathe or shave or do laundry. I showered at the gym, and eventually I got sick of my half-assed beard and shaved in a nearby creek in the woods (I never felt more like Thoreau). But now I can shower at home again! And drink water! God, I missed drinking water!

Second, I'm back in school. Turns out my adviser scheduled me for two classes at the same time, and didn't even think to give me a time-turner. Plus, on my schedule, it says that one of those classes takes place in a building that does not yet exist. I guess I'll go stand in the big field that's marked off for the construction of said building and see if anyone else shows up. It is an ecology class, after all - maybe it's outside.

Third, I got into another Educational Methods class, which means more student-teaching. A full month, this time. You know what that means? More "professional attire". Ugh. I hate clothes shopping, because there's no section for me. I'm too old for the "Boys" section, too immature for the "Mens" section. They need to put in a "Dudes" section. Clothes for dudes. Dudes like me. Because for now, I have to buy regular professional clothes and just stick in a few safety pins for added flavor.

Fourth, a friend of mine got into a really bad car accident. Like, his car was in two halves. Everybody was okay, for the most part. He looked really bad - he had a cut on his ear, which dripped all the way down his throat, making it look like his throat was slit. He decided to not wash it off and sleep on the kitchen floor that night to scare the hell out of his roommate. Heh. It happened just before midnight, on the night before his 21st birthday. So, much like his 1st birthday, he spent the first few minutes of it screaming and covered in blood. He didn't appreciate it when I pointed that out - not because he'd just been through a bad accident, but because it reminded him that he was celebrating the anniversary of sliding from his mother's gooey birth canal, and he didn't really want that image in his head before he fell asleep. Luckily for him, he had just turned twenty-one - old enough to drink, and thus wipe it from his memory.

Last...the other day, there was a huge thunderstorm right when I got off work. As I'm leaving, my boss walks up and tells me to be careful on the drive home. I nod to her and say that I will, and she grabs my hands, looks into my eyes, and in the most serious voice I've heard, whispers "You come back to me, Civil. You come back to me." Now, she's always talking about how much she loves her employees, but I'm pretty sure that I've now seen my boss's pre-makeout face. And that's just weird.

"He's at the show, talkin' feminism to get inside your pants,

Oh yeah, he'll quote Emma Goldman, but he'll never get up to dance!"

-"Stop Being So Cool and Get Silly" by Wingnut Dishwashers' Union


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First: Wow. Glad you've got water again, man. But I've been without a running air conditioner before, or woken up to find out the water heater had given up the ghost. Not that, you know, there were ghosts in the water heater to begin with.... Beards. Mine was strong except right near the lines around my chin, until after around 22 or so.Second: Haha. Ecology really is a wide-open field these days.Third: My first job not working for my parents was a two week fill-in for a friend during college. It was a pro job and I showed up the first day in a nice suit. Even though everyone else was in "business professional" clothes, I felt like a kid dressed up in his dad's clothes, incredibly self-conscious. What was strange about it was, I knew I looked OK; I was used to going to church in a suit, so it shouldn't have felt so out of place. I switched back to khakis and a button-down shirt or polo after that.Very cool that you'll get student-teaching practicum again. The kids are in for something special.Fourth: Yikes. Though the Newborn and 21 thing is kinda cool, makes you think. Yeah, that gooey image, though...eek.Last: Awww. Just...awwww. I bet she doesn't know the "no brakes" story! We'll say she recognizes quality. Yeah, but it beats the crud out of not being noticed. -- Hey, I see two possible outcomes: (1) Violins and flowers. Not likely. (2) She starts packing your lunch box and giving you milk money. Not likely either. It could mean free chocolate cake. Of the two, go for the adopted waif thing. Just try to avoid the "poor little match-boy" theme. Everything's better with a dash of weird. Or was that ketchup?

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Second: Haha. Ecology really is a wide-open field these days.
Yeah, but it's still a difficult field to get into. There's a safety fence around it, after all.
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