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Stupid I am.



So I trundle off and write a story - or which I'm proud - and post it.

Hi Dude!

I've just written a new short story called 'Courage.'

I hope you like it!



I'm tidying up when the computer goes 'ting'. Email!

'twas a rare missive from the Dude! After opening the champagne, and putting the caviar on ice (yick, pah, pass me a bucket) I sit down to read:

Er... you know that a Cole Parker has one the same name on the Home Page? Was this intentional?

I scratch chin, then panic - or was it the other way around....

Damn: no totally unintentional. It didn't cross my mind, and I read Cole's excellent story on the day it went up! Stupid I am.

My story is based on the theme of my song - so I kept the title. Damn, and blast.

So call it ... 'The Love of Daniel Norfolk'


Cheers Dude,


Paranoia wakes up. Everybody hates me. I pace up and down ... up and down ... down and up....



Don't worry... I'm sure Cole won't mind.... and it'll be a conversation point in my News & Views....

Lots of courage on the front page of awesomedude.com.

Grinning I sit back, then frown and start to worry that Cole is going to think horrible things.


The Dude just emailed me: 'you do realise that Cole Parker has a story called 'Courage', too?' He said ... and I must have done. After all, I read it, and loved it. But I swear it didn't cross my mind when I wrote mine.

I'm more than happy to change the title, if you'd like.



Checking emails more than once a minute can get irksome.



Don't be silly! I'm not the least upset, and I don't own the name any more than you do. I will admit that it's an odd coincidence, but, so what? The stories are completely different, and I think they both reflect our own personal styles.

Oh, wait a minute! I take all that back. I'm pissed as hell! I'm outraged! The only recompense I will accept is, write me another public schoolboy story!



So ... consider a public school story on its way!



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Wow. That was fast thinking on the part of Cole. And it doesn't sound too much like he had to twist your arm very much either. Good going, both of you. Maybe Graeme and all the others should all write a Courage story. It could be a contest of sorts. No, maybe a collaboration? No, I think I'm losing it. Seriously, losing it. I gotta run to the bathroom, now.

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