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(46) A new story, is it true?



Hi everyone,

I finished this story a few weeks ago. Blue has since edited it for me and posted it in my hosted pages at Codey's World. It was supposed to be a contribution to the "Back to School" collection at Codey's World, but the computer crashed and had to be replaced, thus holding up the story's completion.

With Codey being in such ill health I forgot I promised him I would put a notice here to let you all know about it.

So I will rectify that now, here is the link:

The Best Memories Of Their Lives

My heart is not really in this story at the moment, but I thought it might take my mind off things if I prattle on a bit.

This is a bit of a different story for me. It is not so much a comedy but has a kind of black humour about it.

I have drawn from my real life experiences for many of the "memories" and then crazily mixed up the fiction with the real so that the incidents themselves are not as autobiographical as you might think, and yet some of them are.

Perhaps you would like to guess:

1. Which of these incidents in the story are not based on an actual experience?

2. Which characters are pure fiction?

If there is sufficient interest I will reveal all, some time down the track.


All comments welcome (flames will be loved with much laughter). :lol:

Come to think of it why do I never get flamed? I must try harder. :hug:


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Codey liked that Des was trying something new and personal, and knew this one was going to be posted.As I told someone else, be glad of what's good. It doesn't mean you don't care any less about Codey.

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I also suspect the pink slippers were fiction, and I strongly suspect the 'adult' negative actions were exagerated, as was Wilbur's feeling of defeat.
Hmmm. I will ask you to clarify your reference to "the 'adult' negative actions." please Trab.I will hold off answering about the pink slippers in case we get more replies.
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